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At some point we’ve all needed directions to an unfamiliar location and chances are you used Google Maps to find your way. The popularity of this service has increased by leaps and bounds since it’s inception. More than 62% of Google searches are for local information. When a user performs a search on a business, Google displays a “card” with all the businesses relevant info.

Good photos including ones that expose the inside of your business to show people what you have to offer and using Google Business View you can convert that local search traffic to physical traffic and customers through your front door.

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Computer, smartphone and tablet users around the world will be able to step inside your business by one simple click. Our high-quality panoramic images will allow customers to enter your business and walk around as if they were physically there. With Business View integrated with the Street View feature in Google Maps, you will be able to maximize your business exposure by standing out on Google search results. Millions of people around the world will be able to experience and preview your business from the comfort of their home.

Google Street View | Trusted is a project from Google pairing small business owners up with Trusted Photographers to create Street View Tours inside their businesses. Customers will be able to walk-through your facilities from the comfort of their homes or offices using their computer or mobile device.

When someone does a search, Google pinpoints the businesses on a map located in the right top corner of your screen. If your business is not placed in the right categories or in the correct location, a potential customer will never find you. We also take care of that part along with customizing your business Google+ page side by side with you to be sure that you are using the right keywords and the right message you want to spread to customers.

These tours will stay online as long as you wish. No maintenance needed, no monthly fees.. Google will host them free of charge, and your business will show up much more relevantly for local searches. Google will display your business information in the top right corner of the screen using different elements: a map with the location of your business, one of your pictures containing the message ‘see photos’, and an indoor view of your business inviting visitors to ‘see inside’.

We also help you to embed the tour in your website and on Facebook and we won’t leave you alone until everything is perfectly working. Contact us for more details.

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